The RAF Guild of Bell Ringers have historically met up to 4 times per year since their formation in 1973.   However, from 2020 there will be 3 planned meetings each year:  the AGM (normally the third week in March), a Summer Meeting (normally the second Saturday in June) and a Battle of Britain Meeting (normally over the weekend after 15th September).

As a Guild, every English County has been visited, 40 towers in 4 Welsh Counties and 18 towers in Scotland.

Over the years, 13 peals have been rung and also over 80 quarter peals. 

Throughout the life of the Guild, all members have been made most welcome at all Army & Navy Guild meetings as have all their guild members been made welcome at all RAG Guild organised events.

Members also took part in an Armed Forces Guild QP of ringers at Henley Regatta on 5th July 2019 wishing luck to the Armed Forces Crew.  The King’s Cup race was last held 100 years ago at the Peace Regatta following WWI.